Clear Physiotherapy app recommendation

Trigger Point App

What Clare says

“One of the best self treatment apps going around. Look up areas of pain or specific muscles to see where they refer. It has a section that explains what trigger points are and explanatory video. Find out more here

Clear Physiotherapy book recommendations

Explain Book

What Clare says

“This book is a simple yet thorough read about the ins and out of chronic and persistent pain. It is also a great reference book for people suffering with long term pain, or their friends and family, to refer back to throughout their journey.

The Brain that Changes Itself

What Clare says

“I feel like I constantly refer to this book with patients. It is organised in chapters that are case studies of patients who have experienced neuroplasticity – a phenomenon whereby the brain can rewire and allow us to do unimaginable things. An enthralling read for anyone who believes – or wants to believe – that anything is possible”